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Visiting from out of town?

We would love for you to visit us and experience what CrossFit NE Georgia is about.
Just a few rules in advance:
* Be at least 10 min early before your scheduled session or we will not be able to allow you into that session.
* Contact us via email a minimum of 24 hours in advance to confirm which session you will be attending
* You must currently be a member of a CrossFit Affiliate
* You have a solid understanding of the 9 foundation movements: squat, front squat, overhead squat, press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull, and the medicine ball clean.
* You are familiar and currently practice weightlifting: snatch/ clean and jerk.
* Be open to the coaching you might receive. We may correct your form, lower your weights, or ask you to modify.
* Have fun being a part of our community!!

Want to get a FREE drop-in pass? Purchase a shirt from our online store and bring in your receipt. 
Limit: 1 Class
Programs: CrossFit
Location: CrossFit NEGA
$20.00 for existing Wodify Athletes
Limit: 1 Sessions
Programs: CrossFit, Open Gym, Open Gym (Weekend)
LocationsCrossFit NEGA
Introductory Classes
We are glad you are interested in Crossfit NE Georgia.  Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program that focuses on broad, general and inclusive fitness.  That basically means we focus on increasing your overall general fitness.  This focus always results in increased wellness and health.  How does our program achieve this increase in wellness?  We use constantly varied, functional movements, that are executed at high intensity.  Translation=  We take multijoint movement patterns and we arrange them randomly daily and we do them as hard as we can for a given time period.  
We require all new clients to take a minimum of 3 intro sessions. We can schedule Intros anytime outside of our  class times. *If you need to reschedule or cancel your session please contact a coach 24 hours prior to your session or a $50 cancellation fee will be applied to your account*

Schedule the sessions privately at your convenience. (Monday - Thursday at 7pm*)  The cost is $150 for all three sessions.  ($50 per session.) The total is due up front and once you schedule the classes, there is no refund.

 After completing these sessions, you will be able to transfer into our regularly scheduled classes. At this point you will purchase a membership. The memberships are listed on the left side bar under "sign up" and "rates" on this webpage.   If you are still wanting more intro classes those can be scheduled at your convenience for $50 per hour.  
Limit: 3 Sessions
Programs: INTRO / Personal Training
LocationsCrossFit NEGA
Punchcard (Expiration Date Listed in Contract)
CrossFit NE Georgia offers a 10-class punch card for those only able to commit to 1-2 classes per week. The punchcard card expires after 2 months from the date of purchase *no exceptions*
Limit: 10 Sessions
Programs: CrossFit, Open Gym, Open Gym (Weekend)
LocationsCrossFit NEGA